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Neuromuscular Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy
A form of soft tissue manipulation where pressure is applied to trigger points. This aims to treat the underlying cause of chronic pain, reduce numbness, and decrease dull and aching discomforts.
Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue
A type of massage that reaches the deeper layers of the muscle. It can potentially improve limited range of motion, benefit injury rehabilitation, and ease chronic pain.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage
Pre-event massages warm the muscles, prepping them for the sports activity. Post-event sessions calm the muscles and assist in flushing the toxins out of the body.
Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release
Fascia is a dense web of connective tissue that is woven through our entire bodies. This technique aims to improve discomfort caused by facial restrictions, such as helping migraines, TMJ, chronic pain, and limited range of motion.
Using long, gliding strokes, this form of massage aims to relax the body and mind, flush toxins, improve circulation, and reduce stress.
Stretch Therapy
Stretch Therapy
A type of therapy that uses a variety of stretching techniques - active, passive, dynamic, and PNF - aiming to improve athletic performance, increase flexibility, help muscles work more effectively, and decrease risk of injury.
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30 min: $55  |  60 min: $95  |  90 min: $140  |  120 min: $175

All massages are the same price. This allows for any and all techniques to be used during the massage. If techniques need to be adjusted mid-session, clients do not need to consider a change in price, and they can receive maximum benefits during the session. There is a 10 minute pre-interview included in the length of the session. The rest of the time is hands-on.

Restore balance. Reduce stress.
Enhance performance.
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