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Meet April

I work in the Atlanta area, and specialize in pain relief from chronic pain and sports injuries. I enjoy making a difference in clients' lives by reducing their physical and mental stress and improving their athletic potential. Using my knowledge of anatomy and multiple massage techniques, I tailor each session to the individual client.

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Modalities & pricing

All massages are the same price. This allows for any and all techniques to be used during the massage. If techniques need to be adjusted mid-session, clients do not need to consider a change in price, and they can receive maximum benefits during the session. There is a 10 minute pre-interview included in the length of the session. The rest of the time is hands-on.

Neuromuscular therapy
Assisted stretching
Deep tissue
30 min $55
60 min $95
90 min $140
120 min $175
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Client Corner

Why are massages good for you?
May 1, 2020

I schedule massages for myself for a dual purpose - to reduce stress and to relieve pain. My clients schedule massages for a variety of reasons. Some people receive a massage to decrease their stress while others add a massage therapist to their therapeutic care team to address chronic concerns. Learn some of the most popular reasons that clients receive massages.

Why did I become a massage therapist?
June 1, 2020

Life experiences and circumstances led to me to this career. As a young child, my amazing stepmother taught me massage techniques that helped relieve her scoliosis pain. My college education in dance gave me a strong knowledge of anatomy and movement, as well as artistry. I have continued learning about bodies and motion in a more tangible way through my marathon participation and years as a professional modern dancer.

Can massage improve posture?
July 1, 2020

A favorite phrase of massage therapists is “it depends.” That phrase definitely applies to this question. Yes, in some cases, massage with a customized treatment plan can improve posture. In other cases, such as congenital scoliosis, an individual treatment plan may not improve posture, but can assist in decreasing the pain often associated with that condition.

Restore balance. Reduce stress.
Enhance performance.
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