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April Mackey

I am an Atlanta-based hiker and yogi, and have dabbled in running, rock climbing, and trapeze. Since I am constantly using my body for all my hobbies, I am extremely conscious of the relationship between my physical body and my emotional well-being. I grew up in a family of wellness practitioners - massage therapists, aromatherapists, Reiki masters, and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners. I watched clients walk out of their sessions feeling less pain and stress in their body than they had in years.

Once I began studying massage therapy, I knew this was the right career for me. I enjoy making a difference in clients' lives by reducing their physical and mental stress and improving their athletic potential. I love using my knowledge of anatomy, myofascial release, and triggers points to offer beneficial, therapeutic sessions that are tailored to each client.

Restore balance. Reduce stress.
Enhance performance.
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